rus2At the end of 2015 we, a group of artists, activists, and social researchers from St. Petersburg, Russia, founded a queer-feminist affinity art group “Unwanted Organisation” as in response to the political situation developing in Russia.

Our main goal is to promote queer-feminist agenda, and support Russian artists and activists, who share our views and approaches, through developing, organizing and leading art-projects and educational programs. Regardless of Russian conservative internal politics and dismantle of social solidarity, we want to demonstrate the possibility for self-organization, self-sustainability and horizontal organization of cultural and art productions.

We are in search for artistic language, methods, and forms, critically conjuring past, present, and possible future. Our main principles as a group are trust, respect, non-discriminatory inclusive approaches and horizontal de-centralized organization. We work on the edge of formats (lectures-performances, playwriting and untheatre, video) exploring their scope and our eligibility.

As individual artists and activists, members of our art-group have been involved into different (inter)national art-projects and exhibitions.

As a collective we produced a number of artivist projects:


  • a film “Queering Kitchen” («FAGS: METOD» presentation at C.off/CCAP, Stockholm, Sweden ), Media Impact International Festival of Activist Art, Moscow, Russia (2016)


  • a performance Displaced Persons (Feminist (art) critique, Minsk, Belarus (2014), 3rd Festival “Father Frost against Putin”, Helsinki, Finland (2016))
  • a performance-demonstration “All power – to animals!” (1st May Parade, St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • a film “All power – to animals!” (Media Impact International Festival of Activist Art, Moscow, Russia (2016), LaDIYfest, St. Petersburg, Russia (2016), Unstraight Museum, Stockholm, Sweden (2016), AMOKA , Athens, Greece (2017))
  • a performance “Family Shop” (Landscape Poetic Festival «Pushkin’s Labs»(2016))
  • a film “Family Shop” («Communal Workshops» at Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg, Russia (2016))
  • a multimedia exhibition project Laboratory of Theoretical Mucus with performances “Get Off The Pedestal You Animal”, “On The Edge All The Time” and “Transition” (Museum of Non-Conformist Art, art-center “Pushkinskaya 10”, St. Petersburg, Russia (2016))
  • a lecture-performance “As It Goes” (Media Impact International Festival of Activist Art, Moscow, Russia (2016))


  • a lecture-performance “Together or Alongside?” (Dialogues In Space, Nizhny Novgorod, (2017))
  • a performance-demonstration «Ragged unit» (1st May Parade, St. Petersburg, Russia, (2017))

St. Petersburg, Russia